The Secret of El Dorado (BBC Documentary, 2002) PDF Print E-mail

TV DOX, BBC 2002. The Secret of El Dorado

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Terra Preta - Das schwarze Gold des Amazonas (German documentary, 2005) PDF Print E-mail

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Terra Preta - Das schwarze Gold des Amazonas
Ein Film von Peter Adler
Kamera: Nikolaus Tarouquella
Ton: Paolo Roberto Munhoz
Schnitt: Bernhard Sehne
Sprecher: Till Hagen
Buch und Regie: Peter Adler
Redaktion: Achim Schöbel, Wolfgang Brinkschulte,
Uta Cappel
Eine Produktion der reportage+dokumentation Peter Adler
Im Auftrag des MDR • In Zusammenarbeit mit ARTE

Erstausstrahlung: 2005
Das Geheimnis der Indios - Kohle als Klimaschance? PDF Print E-mail
Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg
OZON unterwegs, Sendung vom 31.01.2011, 22:15
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MIVT: What is Biochar? 2010, Northeastern Biochar Initiative PDF Print E-mail
Northeastern Biochar Initiative demonstrates simple biochar making in Vermont, WCAX News, April 2010

Abenteuer Forschung - CO2 - Erde ausser Atem PDF Print E-mail
In der Geschichte der Erde spielt Kohlendioxid eine wichtige Rolle, Kohlenstoff und Sauerstoff sind unverzichtbare Bausteine des Lebens. Doch heute ist das Image von CO2 denkbar schlecht geworden, denn es scheint als "Klimakiller" unser Leben zu bedrohen. Wie gerechtfertigt ist dieser Verdacht, und was sind die vielversprechendsten Maßnahmen, auf die Konzentration von CO2 in der Atmosphäre Einfluss zu nehmen?

Die Replikation der Terra Preta unter Verwendung von Holzkohle (Biochar) wird als ein Loesungsansatz dargestellt (Minute 23:40).

ZDF, 15. 4. 2009 (22:15-22:45)
CNN: Organic waste as fuel and biochar carbon sequestration PDF Print E-mail
The Potential of Biochar (Johannes Lehmann explains biochar carbon sequestration) PDF Print E-mail
Johannes Lehmann , Chariman of the Board - International Biochar Initiative and Scientist at Cornell University explains biochar carbon sequestration

Tim Flannery discusses Obama's climate change summit PDF Print E-mail
Tim Flannery, adjunct professor for Environmental and Life Sciences at Macquarie University and chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council

"....I'm sure that charcoal is one of the obvious ones (climate change mitigation options). ...make charcoal out of it and then store the charcoal, which is almost pure carbon, in the soil."

Whach the video on ABC
US Congressional Hearing on Renewable Energy and Biochar Carbon Sequestration PDF Print E-mail
Char Grilled - Landline May 2009 PDF Print E-mail
The rules of engagement for the new carbon economy are still being formulated but already there's lively political debate over the role for biochar. It's a charcoal made from biological waste and is raising plenty of interest as a way of capturing carbon, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while boosting soil fertility.

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Agrichar - A solution to global warming? PDF Print E-mail
ABC CATALYST, August 2007

Bio-geochemists studying Terra Preta are getting together with Australian engineers making biofuels. The result is "Agrichar" technology. It uses the charcoal by-product to bury carbon in topsoil where it's needed for agriculture.

The results promise green energy, soil restoration and greenhouse mitigation from an affordable technology that can remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than is released.....

Whach and read at ABC CATALYST
James Lovelock (Interviews about climate change and charcoal carbon capture) PDF Print E-mail
Interview with James Lovelock about climate change and an option to reverse it (biochar at min. 4:48)...

biochar at min. 8:10...
The Anatomy of A Silent Crisis (The human impace of climate change) PDF Print E-mail
The Global Humanitarian Forum published a report hat exclusively focused on the global human impact of climate change calculates more than 300 million people are seriously affected by climate change at a total economic cost of $125 billion per year. The report projects that by 2030, worldwide deaths will reach almost 500,000 per year; people affected by climate change annually expected to rise to over 600 million and the total annual economic cost increase to around $300 billion.

The Anatomy of A Silent Crisis 2009 (download report as pdf)

The Human Face of Climate Change, 2008

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: Exporer: Lost Cities of the Amazon PDF Print E-mail
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 Over the centuries, explorers traded tales of a lost civilization amid the dense Amazonian rainforest. A new generation of explorers have uncovered remarkable evidence that could reinvent our understanding of the Amazon and the people who lived there.
 3819_lost-city-amazon-8_04700300.JPG  Superdirt Made Lost Amazon Cities Possible?

FRONTLINE: heat - PBS PDF Print E-mail
  This excellent documentary deals not about biochar but about fossil energy use, lobbying and a systematic undermining of renewable energy and efficiency.  It is shocking and some actions appear silly and short-sighted. Excellent interviews strengthen the content which is partly hard do belief.

Charcoal Producing Micro Gasifier (Youtube video) PDF Print E-mail
Biochar produced in a cooking stove