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United Nations Climate Change Conference - Bali 2007
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 Cristina Narbona, Minister of Environment, Spain, and UNCCD COP 8 President
Luc Gnacadja, UNCCD Executive Secretary
Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, Minister of Development, Germany
 "...immediate action on activities related to carbon sinks and increased land productivity,..."
 ".. examine and act on linkages between land degradation and climate change.  GHG emission reductions from agriculture, land use and vegetation have received insufficient attention."
 Goodspeed Kopolo, UNCCD Secretariat, listed benefits of biochar as a carbon sink under the CDM, noting that additionality and permanence of sequestration are assured and the baseline is simple.
 StructureKopoloKl.jpg  SoilsZechKl.jpg  SoilDegradationZechKl.jpg  TerraPretaZechKl.jpg
 He described actions required for biochar to be recognized under the CDM.  Wolfgang Zech, University of Bayreuth
 He emphasized that land degradation affects all continents,
 and described the positive effects of charcoal on improving soil organic matter and land productivity, and sequestering carbon.
 CharcoalSoilKl.jpg  CharcoalUseKl.jpg  CarbonNegativeKl.jpg  GlobalProjectsKl.jpg
 Christoph Steiner, University of Georgia
 "...the use of charcoal as soil amendment is not new"
 carbon negative energy
 global research and developments
 SlashandCharKl.jpg  IBIKl.jpg  GruppeKl.jpg  LucGnacadja2Kl.jpg
 Slash and Char as Alternative to Slash and Burn
 International Biochar Initiative (IBI)
   Photos: Christina Steiner-Berghammer

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