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The International Symposium on Environmental Behavior and Effects of Biomass-Derived Charcoal

group photo s.jpgHangzhou, China
October 10 and 11, 2010

Host organizations:
Zhejiang University
China National Research Center of Bamboo
Institute of Soil Science Research, China Academy of Science

Presentation: Biochar - Ancient Origins Modern Solutions

Most presentations can be downloaded from the IBI webpage

In Hangzhou, China, participants could visit a "charcoal" shop and discover unexpected new uses (non-fuel use) of biochar. Larger images in the gallery .

 The Charcoal Shop in Hangzhou
 A charcoal toothbrush
 Charcoal socks
 DSC02522s.jpg  DSC02523s.jpg  DSC02524s.jpg
 Dental hygiene with charcoal
 Charcoal toothpaste
 Charcoal toothpaste
 DSC02525s.jpg  DSC02560s.jpg
Pore deep charcoal strip for nose care

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